Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We are in and set up!


It took us two hours to move out of the Challenger as we had so  much already boxed and bagged up.  But this is what it looked like while we were getting things organized.  Pretty sad….Notice the pups sleeping on the chair, oblivious to all the commotion.

When we got the rig back to the BLM land we couldn’t release the rig from the hitch.  So we went back to the Pedata RV dealership Saturday morning and they were very good to us and spent a good deal of time trying to figure out what was wrong.  Seems it was a combination of having a new hitch and the correct positioning of the Trail Air. They took everything apart and reassembled it and finally got it to release properly.

Our friends, Linda and Jim Mossman, have been so wonderful during this move.  Linda is a super organizer and I handed her stuff and she found the places to store them.  She was gentle in her suggestions or moving something and she was correct in every instance.  Jim has converted a few vans and is a hobby carpenter.  He spent all day Sunday and most of yesterday using the back of his pickup as a shop bench and built shelves for all over the rig.

Hearty Modify (4)  Hearty Modify (8)
Hearty Modify (7) Hearty Modify (3)

Jim M built an extra shelf in the pantry, five shelves in the hat and key panel by the entrance, a shelf in the pot and pan cabinet for the pot lids, a shelf in the kitchen cabinet and lastly, a shelf under the desk area for all the card stock, copier paper, etc.

CIMG4099 CIMG4100
CIMG4101 CIMG4102

Here is Linda putting in shelvesHearty Modify (5) This is the finished product.Hearty Modify (6)
Look at the beforeHearty (8) And now the after projectHearty Modify

A shallow cabinet for keys and ball caps has been transformed with shelving into my baking and spice center.  Look at all it will hold!!!!

We are indefinitely in debted to Jim and Linda for all their hard work – we can’t thank them enough for all the time they have spent helping us look at rigs, helping us decide, packing us up, moving us in and then creating all the shelves. We love you, Jim and Linda.

We usually each together every night. Each cook our own meals, but then have been going over to the Mossman’s to eat.  After the last of the modifications we both made pizzas and ate together, but this time in our rig.  CIMG4098This was my first attempt at making pizza and it came out very good.   I used the Pillsbury refrigerated thin crust pizza dough in the peel and roll canister and Trader Joe’s Pizza Sauce adding pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.  We found a 13 inch Teflon pizza pan at the Yuma Marketplace and the dough fits a 15 inch pan, so I rolled up the edges and they puffed up really pretty, don’t you think? I’ll definitely do that again; it’s actually more convenient than going out for pizza.

So it took about two days to get everything put away and we are now at in and at home in our new rig.  We are so happy and I haven’t found anything I don’t like.  We love it!!!

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. love seeing your improvements and shelving. that's great that you made more room for kitchen stuff, never enough room for that. I noticed too that you are seeing the country from the bottom up! usually people's maps go from West to East or East to West. But it's great you are making your way around our beautiful USA.


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