Friday, March 12, 2010

Algodones again!

Yes, I know, I said I didn’t particularly want to go back to Mexico again, but those darn shrimp tacos were tooooooo tempting.  So when Jim Mossman wanted to go back yesterday to get some booze, we went.

First we went to I-Hop for our free breakfast that Jim C won as a door prize at the Gypsy Journal Rally. Algodones 2 Then on to Algodones by 10 am  We went to the Purple Liquor Store, just to find out you can’t buy any liquor before 11 am Arizona time.  Why?  Who knows. This is their selection of tequila!!!! You can sample the different tequilas as much as you want. I don’t like tequila straight so didn’t imbibe.  We found out the American brands of liquor are NOT any cheaper in Mexico, but the Mexican equivalent of those brands are much cheaper.  I bought a 1.75 liter of Don Pedro brandy for $15.


Here are some random shots of Algodones again for those who have never been.

Algodones 2 (2) Algodones 2 (5)
Algodones 2 (3) Algodones 2 (10)
Algodones 2 (7)  Algodones 2 (8)

Had to take more photos of the wonderful shrimp taco place and the patio where you sit and eat your fare.  The tacos cost $1.50 each and have two medium-sized shrimp on each taco.  Note Jim’s contented face as he is eating!

Algodones 2 (11) Algodones 2 (13)
Algodones 2 (14) Algodones 2 (15)

Algodones 2 (4)


We thought it interesting that an optical store in Algodones, Mexico, was an Escapee Commercial Member.  See the decal in the lower left corner?



We continue to enjoy bumming around with the Mossman's

Algodones 2 (9)  Our return over the border only took us 30 minutes even though the line was very, very long.

Linda and I wanted to make a last trip to the Yuma Marketplace, so the guys went to an rv store and left us along. Most people know I don’t like to shop…don’t like flea market or even garage sales. But I fell in love with the Yuma Marketplace. The variety and quality of the products are outstanding and I found several things I liked like fresh produce, Teflon deep-dish pizza pan, over the body purse, tote, and stainless steel mesh sink strainer.  I’m going to miss it!!!!

CIMG4021 CIMG4022


After returning we went to Winterhaven, California, to get our mail from General Delivery at the post office.  Then, finally, we went to get our dogs’ nails clipped.  The pups are really bad about getting their nailsdone, giving us a rough time, yanking around, squirming around, barking, etc. But their nails were really long and needed to be done. Always when we go to Pet Smart they have us hold the dog and they cut the nails.  This time in Yuma they took the dog and put him on their table and turned their back to them and clipped their nails as if shoeing a horse.  No struggle at all with Poncho…miracle! And although Chorizo struggled and yelped a little, he didn’t act up nearly as bad.  We were going to get a Pedipaw, but the groomer said it was really better to have a stranger do their nails as they are less hostile than if the owners did the nails.

After having eaten a big breakfast and shrimp tacos, none of us were very hungry for dinner. But I did buy some strawberries at the Marketplace and had cut and sweetened them up so, we improvised for dinner.  Instead of baking shortcakes we put the strawberries over chocolate dipped donuts and topped it with whipped cream.  Now tell me senior citizens don’t know how to have fun!!!!

CIMG4029 Last night was the last night of the Gypsy Journal Rally, so we went for the door prizes and closing.  Funny when three of the tallest men in the rally went on stage to jest around with Nick Russell.

CIMG4031 CIMG4032

We all turned in early as today is moving day and we needed to rest up from all the activities of the rally.  We are off to Gila Bend for a couple of days and then off to Tucson to look at yet another rig as a possible “forever rv” to us.  I’ll let you know what we find.

Remember, you are loved!!!


  1. As always, thanks for the great photos. We have kinfolks scattered all over Arizona, so we may be out there on our way to host at Trujillo Meadows. My Brother died in Tucson earlier this year.

  2. Bobbie & Jim,
    What a beautiful photo of the paper flowers, so colorful. Wish I had known you were going back to Mexico as I am out of Mexican Vanilla. Guess I will have to make a trip there some day. I have had this fifth for at least 27 years, and when I got it it was only half full. I do my Christmas baking with the pure Mexican vanilla. All the baked goods come out so much more flavorful. You will have to fill us in on how you like your new program for photos.
    Ah the lure of shrimp tacos will get you everytime. Hope you find what you want in an RV. We are going up to the RV show this weekend in OKC to start the looking process. Boy that strawberry shortcake looks wonderful! Take care and stay safe
    Happy Trails....


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