Sunday, March 14, 2010

No Daylight Savings Time for Us

Being in Arizona we didn’t have to go through the trouble of changing all our clocks today…didn’t lose an hour’s sleep either!  Now when we get to New Mexico next month we’ll have to remember to change everything over.

Did I tell you I stopped wearing a watch about a month ago?  Well, I did…and I have to tell you, it is very liberating!!!  I use my cell phone when I need to know the exact time of day.  But that was really challenging when we were at Sidewinder Road.  It is located in California (PST) and we kept going back and forth to Yuma (MST). Seems everyone kept their watches on Arizona time, and my cell phone showed the time of where we were located.  I kept having to look at my cell phone for the time and then remember where I was actually standing….in Arizona or California…very confusing.

Yesterday was a big cleaning day.  Jim washed the rig, truck and even the awning!  I cleaned the inside of the rig, washed 7 loads of laundry, Jim gave me a haircut, shampooed both the dogs and made a “from scratch” coconut cream pie, complete with toasted coconut. We shared it with Jim, Linda and Trisha after dinner….boy was it good!


By the way, our daughter, Christine, surprised us by sending us photos of her first attempt at oil pastels.  I think she did a marvelous job!

Christine art 2 Christine Art 1

We sure have enjoyed having electricity the last two days. What an invention!!!  I know electricity has been around for a while, but we have boondocked with a generator so long this year that having power available all day is a treat! Since last April we have had electricity two months while we worked at, and maybe 9 days since, ah plus a week at Laughlin.  That’s been very good for the wallet.

We head for Tucson this morning and will again boondock on BLM land off I-19.  We really like staying at Snyder Hill as we are only about 8 miles from town and all the amenities, but enjoy being out in the desert and its beauty.

Plus we have a couple of rigs to check out as a possible new-to-us  “forever rig”.  We want a third slide for more of a living room area and upgrade the quality.  So say a little prayer that we find what we want and what we can afford. If we don’t find something in Tucson, we will discontinue looking again until next fall/winter, as there aren’t as many places to look in Colorado as there has been in Arizona.  Instead we will get rid of the hide-a-bed and recliners that came with the rig, and buy something more practicable and comfortable.

Remember, you are loved.

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