Monday, March 29, 2010

Hall of Flame & Five Guys

Mesa Marketplace

Last Friday the Mossmans and us or we (which is correct English?) drove to Mesa area to go to the Mesa Marketplace and Swap Meet.  Glad we went this weekend as it was the last of the season.  It’s much like the marketplace in Yuma but a bit more upscale.  The four buildings featured many of the same exact things from one building to the next.

But we did find a couple of nice rugs for the rig.

     This one at the entranceCIMG4189 A 36” round one in living areaCIMG4188

We found a Five Guys restaurant close by and Jim M said we had to stop….it’s one of his favorites.  And now we can see why!!! It was great! As much as we like In-N-Outs, this was much better. The two patty burgers were flavorful, but the fries were the bomb!  They were crisp and crunchy and the small order was huge.

Look at the palm trees and greenFive Guys Mesa (2) Five Guys Mesa (4)
Five Guys Mesa (5) Five Guys Mesa (9)
Five Guys Mesa (10) Five Guys Mesa (11)

Next we went to the Hall of Flame, the largest firefighters museum in the United States.  I heard about it when we went to the Firefighters Museum in Oklahoma City and wanted to make sure we saw it next time in Phoenix area. There are over 100 motorized and non-motorized vehicles displayed, along with various equipment.There were a lot of fancy fire trucks that we built just for show and to use in parades. Each station trying to be more ornate than the other…big competitions. Click on “View Full Album” to see all the photos.

A couple of photos I want to highlight.  This one is a piece of the World Trade Center and a tribute to the folks lost that day.

Hall of Flame (20)

All firefighter museums have badge displays. Firefighters donate badges from their own stations, so we had to find if Alamosa, Colorado was there. They have an alphabetized listing by state and city so you can look them up. Yup, sure enough there it was.

Hall of Flame (25) Hall of Flame (22)

Then I remembered our friend Chuck Geno, who is a retired firefighter from Michigan.  This is for you, Chuck, the Dearborne Heights badge.

Hall of Flame (24) Hall of Flame (23)

Sorry, Bill Schmitz, I tried to remember the name of the station you retired from as a firefighter but it escaped me, and I tried to call you to find out….no answer.

We really enjoyed the museum and Jim C thought it was excellent.  So any firefighters out there listening, we’d highly recommend making the Hall of Flame a “must see” when you are in the area.

Need to button up and hit the road… stop the Escapees park in Deming, New Mexico.  See you there………..

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Thanks for the look at all of the cool ancient fire fighting aparatus. Something close to our hearts. We were dual certified SAR/FIRE while in the work a day world. One of our favorite restaurants in Mexico is just South of Deming in Palomas. We stop at the Pancho Villa state Park in Columbus NM, often. The Museum there is one of the finest small, focused on one event Museums we know of.


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