Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last day of Gypsy Journal Rally

We are at our last day of the rally.  It’s been fun, but the weather has been windy and not very conducive to entertaining outside. 

The vendors here are really great and more appealing than what we saw at the Big Tent in Quartzsite.  Yesterday I bought the Geeks on Tour Picasa booklet and DVD.  It will help me learn more about managing digital photos.  I also bought new rugs for the rv steps.  They fasten with Velcro which is a big plus over those springs, and they cover the entire step and not just a middle portion.

Today we are going to I-Hop for breakfast and take advantage of the two free meals door prize Jim won Monday night.  Then we plan on going back to Algodones, Mexico, to get booze and some more of the wonderful shrimp tacos!!!

More tomorrow.  Remember, you are loved!!!


  1. You guys have got to stop talking about those wonderful shrimp tacos, your driving us crazy.
    Enjoy! Enjoy!

  2. I have began to suspect that those tacos are highly addictive ! But just to be sure, Betty and I will have to run our own independent test series. Conducted in the carefully structured and scientific enviroment of an Algodones restaurant.


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