Friday, April 2, 2010

Computer down

I installed an update yesterday and it proceeded to corrupt the start boot sequence. So I basically can't get the computer to start up!

I called my computer guru, Lory, and we did a few things to try to get up and going and they all failed. So Lory will fix it when we get back to Alamosa in a couple of weeks.

So until then I won't be posting many blogs. Luckily the Mossmans are letting us use their computer, but I don't want to over use it on them.

See you in a couple of weeks....remember, you are loved!


  1. Man ! I always hate it when that happens ! We knew something must have happened when we didn't see you guys on Skype !

  2. 4/12 are you two doing? Did you get your computer up and running yet? Hugs, C&J


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