Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanks for the Comments

I really appreciate all the heartfelt emails received and blog comments made about yesterday’s blog posting. Thanks to my fellow Facebook friends who passed on our blog URL so their friends could read the blog entry. The story behind my “you are loved” tag line seemed to have really hit a chord with folks.

Someone asked in an email if the bell continued to annoy me and the answer is “no”. Saying “I love you” seemed to defuse my anger and gave me a reason for my response.

The other day I walked into the public library to check out a few books. One of the patrons recognized me and said “do you still love me?” and I said “I sure do” and we both smiled.

Some people say “no good turn goes unpunished” but I say “no good turn goes without a receiver”. You never know when a simple act of good will mean a lot to someone else.

And, as always, remember, you are loved!!!


  1. Wonderful story Bobbie! Thanks for sharing it with us!!! HUGS!!

  2. I loved your story too, thanks for sharing.


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