Saturday, April 17, 2010

Raining, but warm

We’re having a rare day of rain here in Alamosa. See, we are technically a high desert at 7,800 feet in elevation, and only get about seven inches of rain a YEAR. Any day or two of rain is unusual for us.

Thursday I spent 6 hours and 43 minutes straight on the internet trying to catch up on all the discussion forums, emails and blogs that I follow on a daily basis.  With being without a computer for 12 days I had a lot to view.

Yesterday Jim and I went to our local health fair and paid $30 to have blood workup done. Next we drove quickly to Campus Restaurant to indulge in a Spanish Omelet smothered in green chile sauce…yummooooo. Enjoyed the company of camping friends who joined us at our table and who generously paid for our breakfast.

Then at 10:30 am we participated in a webinar on put on by Workamper News.  There were representatives from all three locations (Fernley, NV; Coffeyville, KS; Campbellsville, KY) that are employing workampers this holiday season.  It was an interesting presentation and they answered a lot of questions. They are also offering completion bonuses if you stay till December 23rd. Bonus amounts vary in each location, but in Campbellsville it is $500 per person.  That extra $1,000 per couple is a big incentive.  Working directly for (instead of for a temp agency) we will get a 10% discount on our purchases!  That’s a big deal for us as I buy most of our purchased Christmas gifts from and have them gift wrap them for me and mail the gifts directly to the recipients.  That way I don’t have to mess with packaging or waiting in line at the post office or FedEx.

Jim and I have worked at the Coffeyville, Kansas, fulfillment center the last two years so we have decided to go to’s Campbellsville, Kentucky, fulfillment center this year.  We haven’t spent time in that area of the country and it will be fun to be able to see something different on our days off.  At Campbellsville overtime will be available, but it will not be mandatory overtime, which is a plus to us.  We’ll work 4 x 10 hour shifts, Sunday thru Wednesday.  That gives us the weekend off so we can attend any festivals, concerts, or activities most places have for during the holidays.  Our campsite and hookups are paid for by and we’ll get $10.50 per hour working nights ($9.90/hour for day work). We prefer working nights so when we get up at noon we can enjoy some daylight before we go to work at 6 pm.

Anyone interested in working at can send their resume to   telling them which facility you would like to work.  They hope to complete their hiring within the next couple of weeks, but for sure by May 30th, so don’t dilly-dally around if you think you want to make some good money in a short period of time.

Rich-Terry Deacon

In the afternoon our SKP friends, Rich and Terry Deacon, came over to see our new rig and visit.  The Deacons manage South Fork Campground during the summer which is close to our campgrounds, so we see each other a lot during the summer. You laugh a lot when you are around the Deacons and we sure enjoy their friendship!  We went to lunch at El Charro Restaurant (yes I know, that’s going out for two meals in one day) and enjoyed a guacamole tostada smothered in more green chile!  After a few beers and glasses of St. Clair wine at home, we bid them goodbye.

Last night I finished reading Deadly Deals by Fern Michaels, which is #16 in her Sisterhood series (seven women who haven’t found justice in the legal system so they take matters into their own hands).  It was a good read…now I starting in on the third Orson Scott Card book in the Ender sci-fi series.  I’ve never read much sci-fi before, but Bill and Lesle got me into this series and I’m really enjoying it.

Off to Pueblo tomorrow so Jim can attend water certification class all week and test next Saturday.  He needs this certification as he tests the water systems at the seven national forest campgrounds we supervise during the summer for concessionaire we work for, American Land & Leisure.

While Jim is at class I plan on reading, knitting and blogging while listening to opera and 40’s music. Talk with you later.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. You have been BUSY!! Enjoyed catching up with your news. Say hello to the Deacons for us, it was nice seeing their smiling faces on your Blog. Best wishes on working in Campbellesville....sounds like a better deal for you and we looked on the map, it looks like a beautiful area to explore. Hugs, Jan and Chuck

  2. Hello, we are going to be working in Campbellsville October-December. This will be our first time and we are doing part-time nights. We have a 45'motorhome and will be staying at Three Spring Resort. We're looking forward to workamping and meeting new friends.



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