Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back Posting – Palomas, Mexico

While our computer was down we visited Deming, NM, and drove down to Palomas, Mexico, to check out The Pink Store that we had heard about so often.

Palmosa, Mexico (2) Unlike Algodones, The Pink Store, is basically the only place to go shopping in town.  That’s it on the corner above. There are a few optical stores and dentists in town also. SKPs come here instead of Algodones because it is smaller and waits aren’t as long at the dentists and re-entry at the border.

We had always heard about folks driving to The Pink Store just for lunch…that’s a 30 mile drive from Deming….why?  Oh, boy, did we find out why!!!  The food is fabulous!!!!!!!!!  Jim and I have eaten a lot of Mexican food in our lifetime.  We lived in a town that have mostly Mexican restaurants. But the food at The Pink Store is the best Mexican food we have ever, ever eaten anywhere!!!!!

Palmosa, Mexico (18) Palmosa, Mexico (17)

When we walked in at 10:30 am we were asked if we wanted something to drink. I asked what they had to offer. “We have coffee, tea, beer and margaritas.”  Just guess what we picked??? Yup, margaritas at 10:30 am!!! Oh, they were good, too. No syrupy bottled mix here.  They used fresh lime, looked like simple sugar water and tons of tequila. The SKP park in Deming gave us a coupon for a drink at The Pink Store, so after two margaritas we were bombed….boy, they were strong.

The salsa they served with our meal was amazing and the Mossman's and us bought a quart of it to take home.  We nursed it to last for two weeks.

After lunch we needed to sober up so we walked around the store and enjoyed all the pottery and wonderful colors everywhere.

Palmosa, Mexico (7) Palmosa, Mexico (6)
Palmosa, Mexico (8) Palmosa, Mexico (10)
Palmosa, Mexico (11) Palmosa, Mexico (12)
Palmosa, Mexico (13) Palmosa, Mexico (23)

Even the restroom is decorative.  Look at the beautiful sinks!!!  Gorgeous, aren’t they?  They sell them here for $84 – very reasonable.

Palmosa, Mexico (19) Palmosa, Mexico (20)

In town we walked around a bit and saw this pharmacy that were Escapees members!

Palmosa, Mexico (4) Palmosa, Mexico (5)

Around town we found a couple of interesting sculptures.

Palmosa, Mexico (1) Palmosa, Mexico (22)

We were going to go with the Mossman's to Las Cruces the next day to celebrate their 36 year anniversary at Red Lobster.  But after Linda ate the food at The Pink Store, she proclaimed that we were coming back to The Pink Store the next day instead! And that is what we did….two more margaritas each and another fabulous lunch the next day….much better than Red Lobster and cheaper too.

We bought some earrings as gifts, some glasses for cocktails and returned to Dream Catcher RV Park with full tummies and content minds!!!

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Bobbie,
    The pictures are great! The food look great and everything is so colorful. I really like those sinks. I can just see one in our "new home". I guess we will have to try out the "Pink Store" sometime. Tell the Mossman's congratulations on their 36 year anniversary, anymore it's unheard of. We will be celebrating our 38th in July.
    Happy Trails...


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