Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wind and Mexican Train

The wind didn’t really crank up here till mid-CIMG4327afternoon, but we started getting prepared for it at about 11 a.m. Out came the dominoes, Jim Mossman fixed some Bloody Marys and we set out for the storm’s duration.

This is the second time Jim and I have waited out a storm this way.  Ask Mike and Sandy Bubar about Sunset Volcano Crater National Monument near Flagstaff, Arizona. That was another wind, dominoes and Bloody Mary day.

Lunch ended up being black olives, Gouda cheese, Triscuits and crackers. We had the 50s blaring on the XM radio and that darn Linda Mossman won BOTH games of Mexican Train.

The wind did start billowing about 3 p.m. but this new rig proved pretty stable.  There was some sideway movement, but it wasn’t too bad.  The news said the gusts were 45-50 MPH, but today it is suppose to be worse with gusts of 55-60 MPH. Do you think we’ll have another game of Mexican Train in the horizon?  Who knows!

CIMG4328 CIMG4329
CIMG4330 CIMG4331

Remember, you are loved!!!

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