Thursday, April 15, 2010

We're Baaaaacccccccckkkkkkk!!!!

Yes, sireeeee, it's wonderful to have a working computer.

My computer guru, Lory Sanchez, here in Alamosa, Colorado, has fixed me up, including putting in additional 2 GB of memory, new battery, and upgrading us from Vista to Windows 7!!! I'm a happy camper to say the least. The extra 2 GB of memory has made this 3 year old computer so very fast....what a pleasure. Best of all Lory was able to capture ALL of our data.....I didn't lose anything. Even our desktop icons were saved....unbelievable. Thank you, Lory, you are truly amazing with computers.
Oh, and for any of you hesitating about whether to upgrade to Windows 7 or not.....UPGRADE. Win 7 is SO much better than Vista or even XP in my opinion. I'm loving it. It has so many great features.

Now all I have to do is get caught up on all the blogs I follow. I use Google Reader to keep up with my favorite websites and blogs all from one place. It sure saves time clicking on this website, then that blog, and that blog and that blog. When I got the computer back from Lory last night and I brought up our google home page where I have Google Reader added as a gadget, I found we had 163 entries to look at.....UGH!!! But they are mostly blogs that I follow and I want to catch up on, so this afternoon I'll work my way through them all. Got to see what is happening with Nick Russell right?

Last night Lory came over and also our friend Salai and we had a "Girls Night Out". I sent Jim out to get his own dinner and Lory, Salai and I drank wine, ate strawberries, blackberries with honey Greek yogurt and chatted away as I got reacquainted with our computer. Later we went out to dinner at a new restaurant in town, Rialto Bistro. We had their Green Mountain pizza that was made with Alfredo sauce, chicken, spinach, Mozzarella and Swiss cheese. Oh, was it yummy! Then we went to the local movie complex and saw The Ghost Writer with Pierce Brosnan. It was really good...intense suspense story that really kept our interest. It was funny that in this little town of 9,000 people we went to the movie six-plex and bought tickets to a movie and we were the only people in that theater! In fact the ticket taker had to ask to have the movie started for us........
We sure had a great time. Lory and I usually get together when I get back into town and go out for dinner and a movie. It was fun to add Salai to our plans. We laughed so much and I really enjoyed the female companionship.
Yesterday during the day, Jim and I drove up to South Fork to check out the amount of snow. We will be able to get into the first couple of campgrounds in a few weeks, but they sure got a lot of snow up there this winter. Some of the campsites had so much snow, it covered the ground up to the picnic table tops!
Well, folks, thanks for sticking with us and continuing to read our blog. We're back and I plan to post most every day. Sunday we will go to Pueblo so Jim can attend a water certification class and take the test. He needs this certification to care for the water system in one of our campgrounds and water testing at the other campgrounds. So while Jim's at class I will get caught up with my blogging. Thanks again, Folks.
Remember, you are loved.


  1. So glad you are back on line. I know how it feels to not have your computer. Mine was down for 2 1/2 months. Errrrggggg!

  2. Very cool ! Glad you guys are back on line. Good luck with the test Jim, I hear it's a deuzy.


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