Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dinner with Friends

Last night we had dinner with four other couples who are members of our Escapee Chapter 2. We went to Pueblo’s Cracker Barrel for dinner and to discuss plans for our upcoming Spring Rally in May in Montrose, Colorado. We sure had a good time. There are Lynne & Wayne, Lesle (Bill didn't feel well), MJ & Bill and Chuck & Judy, plus my wonderful hubby, Jim.

Chpt2 Apr10 Jim and I won’t be able to go to this rally as the campgrounds we supervise open May 21 and the rally is May 16th….too close….we will be busy cleaning up the grounds to attend.  Oh, well, such is life!

We received a few comments about our decision on what type of chair to use with the computer.  Seems the consensus is to buy a folding chair instead of the beautiful, multi-purpose ottoman I found.  Drats!!!  A padded, folding chair coming up.

Weather here in Pueblo has been overcast, raining a bit, a little breezy.  Jim took the truck to class, so I’ll knit and listen to music till he comes back for lunch.

Sorry, no big, interesting things to blog about today.  Remember, you are loved.

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