Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pueblo West

Not much going on here in Pueblo West. Our drive here from Alamosa was uneventful and we arrived at the Pueblo West Campground at the same as Bill and Lesle. We enjoyed an early happy hour and I shared the big bottle of EJ VSOP brandy with Bill that I received as a gift from Joel Buchan in Yuma. Oh, thank you again, Joel, that is great brandy.  We called Dominoes for dinner.  I like their new pizza…the sauce is more flavorful and the crust is too.

Yesterday was our “go shopping” day. Jim wanted to get an exterior gate valve for the blank tank, so we drove 30 miles to Camping World in Fountain.  I also found a book on Corp of Engineer campgrounds, but later found it was the 2007 edition, but at least I have one now; the rates are just not up to date.

We also bought a wall clock which I needed since I no longer wear a watch.  We put it above the shallow closet right inside the door. The close-up shows a 1950s Cadillac pulling an Airstream trailer.  Pretty neat!!!

Clock 2  Clock 1 

Lunch brought us to a favorite of mine – Golden Corral – of course, I ate too much, so no dinner for us!

Storage Cube Brown Durahide

Afterwards, we went to American Furniture Warehouse to look at ottomans to use as a chair when using the laptop on the desk area.  I really don’t like having to move the dining table chair every time I want to look something up on the internet.  This ottoman is the right height, has storage and when you flip the top over it becomes a serving tray which fits into the opening and thus becomes a little table top so visitors could use to set down drinks/snacks. On sale for $39 I think it is a good buy; Jim said a fold-up chair would give more back support for longer stints on the computer.  What do you think???

Then it was off to Barnes & Nobel which is a favorite of all of us.  Bill found several books by a sci-fi author they had been looking for and I bought a book on the Mediterranean Diet, which I am looking at beginning.  It certainly is a health way of eating, but I’m not sure I can get Jim to follow it; there is very little red meat and a lot of fish and poultry.  We’ll see……….

Remember, you are loved!!!



  1. I agree with Jim. The chair would be much more comfortable if you are spending more than a short time at the computer....miss you'se guys

  2. Plus you are going to fill it with "stuff" that you don't need!!!!!

  3. That ottoman is pretty cool!I'd like the back support for the computer but this can be used for 3 things.


  4. I agree with Jim, fold up chair will give more support after long happy hour!

    Andy & KJ

  5. I like the ottoman because you can flip the top to give you another surface if necessary, you can store your material in it. And if your like me, you sit on the edge with a straight back to type anyways (gotta use those tummy muscles). I use to have one similar to it that had casters on it. It was my sewing stool. I would sit at the sewing machine for hours and not feel fatiqued. But it's your choice.

  6. I love the clock, it's so cute! And you have a great place to display it as well.


  7. An exercise ball is the best thing to sit on for your back, plus it has lots of other healthy uses.


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