Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almost fixed!!!

I'm using the computers at our local public library today. My computer guru, Lory, is half way through fixing our computer. She had to wipe it clean and reinstall the operating system. Luckily, the hard drive was partitioned and all our photos and documents were on a separate drive, so when Lory reinstalled the operating system she only had to wipe clean the C drive. We'll have to reinstall all the software we had on it, but that's better than losing all our stuff. Lory is going to put in Windows 7, so we'll get rid of the horrid Vista operating system. Hopefully we'll have the computer back later this week.

We sure have been having a lot of wind here in Alamosa, Colorado. The wind gusts have been about 50 MPH. But after surviving the windstorm in Boomerville/Quartzsite in January, I'm no long afraid the RV will tip over. Wind just puts everyone in a bad mood. Happily for Jim and I we have a lot bigger rig to be confined in now, so it isn't too bad.

We've been visiting a lot of friends, running errands to the bank, getting our mail, driving around and seeing all the changes in our hometown since we were here in December. Unfortunately there have been a few business close because of the economy and that is always sad...especially when some of them have been around for 50 some years.

Jim and I are seriously considering changing our domicile to South Dakota and are looking at either America's Mailbox in Rapid City or My Dakota Address in Madison for our mail forwarding service. Any one out there have a preference one way or the other? I know Madison has a wheel tax to consider.

Well, I'll close for now as I only get a hour to use the computer here at the library. Remember, you are loved.


  1. Hey guys,
    We use My Dakota address and they are awesome. Terri goes above and beyond to help out in any way. Our second year out she went to get our registration renewal stickers for us and sent to us. We love dealing with her. As much as we move around she is always on the ball...getting our mail to us at each new address. They get our vote!!

  2. We have been happy with Americas Mailbox for 3 years. They are getting ready to expand, and when they do it will be even better. They also use workcampers during the summer months.

  3. we have been using Americas Mailbox for quite a few years now and have been really happy with them. Margie Maloney


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