Saturday, September 4, 2010

“Boomer” Fix

As most of you know, Jim and I belong to Escapees RV Club.  One of their “sub-groups” is called Boomers…it’s purely a social group and our community/family on the road.  We keep in touch through emails to a yahoo group.  We’ve been very pleased to have visits from several Boomers this summer right here in our campground.

Elinor Aderton-Bob MacIntosh  (2)

That happened again last week when Elinor Aderton and Bob MacIntosh wrote that they would be in the Creede area and wondered if there were any Boomers around.  I responded and we planned a four-wheel ride up Rat Creek outside of Creede.  We first met this fine couple back in 2008 at the Colorado Boomerang in Buena Vista…Elinor led the morning walks.

Now those who know me also know I don’t like to four-wheel on scary, hairy trails.  I’m a “Sunday afternoon drive” type of a four-wheeler.  Jim assured me this was a “Bobbie trip” so I went along.  Elinor also said she didn’t like scary rides so we were in agreement.  We took our separate Jeeps and headed out.

Let me make this clear.  This was not a “Bobbie trip” or a “Sunday afternoon drive” for me.  This was “shut your eyes and hum till it’s over” type of drive!!!!!!!  Jim, of course, disagrees. Even Bob and Elinor said this was the roughest they would do again. Elinor likes a “scenic ride” also.

Yes, the scenery was beautiful and we actually got to see a mama moose and her calf.  Can you see the mama below in the bottom-center to the left of the tree trunk?


Here are some photos of the scenery we saw.

The drive into Creede
Along Hwy 149
Along the way
Approach to Rat Creek
Beautiful hillsides
Pretty lane
Can you tell I like tree lined trail?
Overhanging limbs
Hairy drop but great mts
You can see forever….

OK, that was pretty, right?  Now let me tell you the “rest of the story”.  Here are some of the scary, rough terrain we traveled over.

Bumpy, bump, bump
Skidding down to cross the creek
But it was a pretty creek
Scenery was nice but windy roads
And no guard rails…
Discussing best way to go
Jim supervising
How should we take this one?
Hold on.Here we go!!!!!!

Then we finally reach the Bachelor Loop going into Creede.  Wonderful, old relics of the mining days here are still intact and great reminders of Creede’s past.

Wood and mud holding up trellises.
Part of a trellis road I think
Entrance to a mine
Funky garden with bed, mine car, etc.

There was a Model A (?) car rally in town which was pretty neat to see.CIMG4824And, yes, we went to OMI (Old Miner’s Inn) for pizza…this is about the third time you’ve heard me talk about taking Boomer friends to OMI….and yes, we ordered Rocky Mountain Oysters…remember, these are not the ones they serve on the half shell!!! OK, all you men can stop squirming around now.

We had a lovely time chatting with Bob and Elinor and spending time together.

Elinor Aderton-Bob MacIntosh  (1) Elinor Aderton-Bob MacIntosh  (3)

Thanks, Bob and Elinor, for the pizza and the wonderful four-wheeling ride!

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Bobbie, the scenery was amazing! Looks like a fun trip!! Creede looks way cool too!!

  2. Fun read, Bobbie, and great photos. Odel and I were just talking about Elinor and Bob the other day - we'd like to run into them again and I guess we did, in a way, thanks to you.

    Safe travels,

  3. My husband and I used to be Escapee fulltimers and members of the Boomers; we met Bob and Elinor during our travels. Elinor directed us to your blog about the jeep drive. Wonderful blog and beautiful pictures. CO was one of our favorite places. Enjoy and as we say, "Enjoy life; it's not a dress rehearsal!"


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