Thursday, September 16, 2010

Colorado Thru South Dakota

This is a “catch-up” post since I haven’t blogged since we left Alamosa. I figure I can either “travel and experience” or “blog about the travel and experience”…I chose the first option.


As we drove beyond Denver we saw the Loveland Fire that’s been in the news with it's 740 acre burn


We stopped for the night in Wheatland, Wyoming, about 80 miles north of Cheyenne, staying at the Mountain View RV Park----no mountains in sight!

Wyoming has a lot of grasslands swaying in the breeze.

 Wyoming2010 (3) Wyoming2010 (2)
 Wyoming2010 (1) Wyoming2010 (4)

Coming into South Dakota you see a mark difference in the terrain.

SouthDakota (2) SouthDakota (1)

We made good time and got into Rapid City about noon.  On the way we saw the Crazy Horse Memorial

CrazyHorseSep2010 (4) Rapid City, per se, is pretty spread out

RapidCitySep10 (2)

RapidCitySep10 (1)


We stayed at the Elks Lodge Campground, going down Jolly Lane to the Lodge we drove by this produce stand with very unusual shaped brushes/trees outside. There were pipes secured to the trunks to support them.

After a fast set up we went to Lab Corp to get our drug testing done for and then went to pick up our mail at Americas-Mailbox. It was nice to see “our home” and meet the office crew.  They were all very nice and greeted us like “family”. Part of our mail was our new license plates; so Jim took the time to put on our new plate on the truck.

SD Plates

After two days of hard driving we went to “chill” a little bit and went to bed early.

Tuesday we got to the DMV real early and had an easy time getting our new drivers’ licenses.  So we are official “South Dakotans” now but still claim Colorado…finally was able to get Jim a Colorado ball cap before we left so he feels better.

Next we drove out to see Mt. Rushmore…one of those Bucket List items.

Mt Rushmore 2010 (2)  Mt Rushmore 2010 (4)
Mt Rushmore 2010 (9) Mt Rushmore 2010 (7)
Mt Rushmore 2010 (6) Mt Rushmore 2010 (5)

Next we stopped at the gift shop there and bought new wedding bands for each of us.  Now we have the same rings as Rich and Terri and Tom and Nancy Doyle!


Driving over the rough and bumpy roads north of ColletteDennisSides Denver and through Wyoming we saw that our microwave was sagging forward…like it lacked any bolts holding it in.  So again we are blessed with meeting wonderful people on the road, and we remembered we met Dennis Sides while he and his wife, Colette, at in Coffeyville, KS, our first year there.  I remembered they summered at the Hart Ranch in Rapid City, so I called them and sure enough Dennis offered to take look at our microwave.

Well, “taking a look” ended up being a three hour job with completely taking out the microwave and all the backing and support boards….the damn thing didn’t have ANY bolts holding it in….ONLY the bottom two metal clips of the mounting board was holding it up and on.  With Jim’s help, Dennis had to reinforce the whole mounting section from hunks of wood he carries around and put everything back together.

Microwave (3) Microwave (5)
Microwave (4) Microwave (1)

The venting wasn’t completed at the factory so the microwave was venting into the rig instead of outside. So Mr. Jim Mossman, when we see you tomorrow MAYBE I can prevail upon you to see if you can put some decorative lattice on the top opening?

We’ve bumped along across South Dakota, Minnesota and now almost into Wisconsin and the microwave is holding tight; so, again, thank you Dennis for “starting again” for the season to fix our microwave situation!  Now you can shut down again for the season and go relax.

OK, folks, that’s it for today and tomorrow I’ll write about Wall Drug and the Corn Palace.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. I would love to be at Mt. Rushmore for the 4th of July fireworks sometime. I understand that it's really something to see. Glad you got the microwave problem fixed.


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