Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Three Days

We completed our first three days at  Got through the paperwork and safety information.  They have well developed Stow and Receiving Schools that left us feeling well prepared for our duties.

Yesterday we came home feeling pretty tired and, oh my goodness, we were sore all over.  Today it was better…..feet hurt less and body less sore….so the week or two of conditioning will be good and we’ll be in good shape to start our full 10 hour-shift.

The weather has cooled down considerably…from 97 degrees down to 70s.  It makes doing things so much better.  We sit outside in the evenings, visiting with co-workers that walk by.

Saturday nights here at Indian Ridge Campground we get together and play “Corn Hole”. You throw a small sack of corn into a board with a hole in it about 20 feet away.CIMG5159

CIMG5160 CIMG5157
In the meantime others gathered on the patio to enjoy the “pickin and grinin” of guitar players.



While others enjoyed some “local” libations shall we say…yes, in a mason jar.  Some of it is mixed with apple cider, apple juice and cinnamon and they call it Apple PieCIMG5161. So smooooooth!




Saturdays are very popular around here ha-ha-ha-ha.  I did partake a bit, but I’ll stick with my EJ VSOP brandy, thank you very much.  That other stuff will put you on your knees real quick…it sneaks up on you.

Remember, you are loved!


  1. Apple pie is cool ! I just love the expression of apprehension that you captured in the photo where the lid is in one hand and the jar in the other.


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