Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day Full of Friends

I had a whirlwind of activities last Friday, seeing several of my friends for the last time this summer.



Started out at 8:30 a.m. with breakfast at the East-West Grill with my buddy, Lory


Then I had time to go visit my little lady, Naomi, in the nursing home for my last visit till next May.  I wheeled her outside so she could get some sunshine on her back…which she loves.

Naomi Jul 2010

CIMG4927 Then I went to get my haircut with Leola at Corner Curl. Her husband built this little house on their property for her to house her beauty shop.




The flowers are beautiful


I got a big laugh when Leola told me she had a new customer coming in after me; “but I scheduled her a good bit after you because as a new customer I didn’t want her to think I cut everyone’s hair like I do you!”  Oh, she apologized as she thought she offended me, but I just got a big kick out of what she said…I know my hairdo is weird…just matches my personality…weird!

Then it was time to have a late lunch with my friend and former boss at the high school library, Nora, and her granddaughter, Erica. I’ve known Erica since she was about 9 years old; she lives in Nashville, but is attending Adams State College here in Alamosa. We went to the Rialto Bistro, a favorite of ours.

That’s Giuseppe, the mascot
The two darlings
We ate appetizers so we could have dessert
Yes, it was all your, Nora.I had the tiramisu

Salai-libraryThen my friend and co-worker at the public library, Salai, came over for a last visit.  She lives in a house she built herself and loves her “critters”…1 horse, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 angora rabbits, 2 alpaca, 2 llama, 1 Shetland sheep, and 35 chickens. She combs her angora rabbits then “cards” the hair, she spins the hair into yarn, dyes it and then knits using the yarn.  I admire the heck out of her….a real pioneer woman!


To end our day Rich and Terri drove down from South Fork to have our last dinner together at El Charro, a Mexican restaurant that has been around since 1936, and one Jim has been eating at since he was a little boy….the recipes taste the same today as they did then.

Wooooo, it has been a busy day, but one full of friends, sharing love and good food. What can be better!!!!!

Remember, you are loved.

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