Monday, September 13, 2010

Long daaaaayyyyyy

Did enjoy our Spanish Omelets at The Campus Cafe yesterday morning before we took off from Alamosa. But it was a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day! We left about 8:30 a.m. and didn’t stop until 5:30 p.m., with two stops along the way.

We drove on the most direct route, taking I-25 straight up the state of Colorado and into Wyoming. We only intended to go as far as Cheyenne, but Jim said he wasn’t tired so we kept going.  We ended up in Wheatland, WY about 80 north of Cheyenne.

The ride was uneventful – once we stopped because we both thought we had a flat tire, but it was just the road sounds. But I-25 was really rough north of Denver. In fact, our microwave kind of loosened itself from it mountings and is sagging forward a little from the top.  Luckily, we met an RV tech in Coffeyville our first year at (Lindas-that’s Dennis and Collette) and he HAPPENS to be in Rapid City working at the Hart Ranch, so we’ll look him up today and see if he can fix the microwave.

When I got up this morning (now our normal 4 a.m.) Jim said “I had another funeral this morning”. That’s his way of saying we caught another mouse. Man, oh, man, that makes what 10-15 by now? But it is that time of year I guess.

When it gets light we’ll head on in to Rapid City and should be there mid-afternoon. We are staying at the Elks Lodge campground.  That should be plenty of time to get our mail from Americas-Mailbox and our new plates for the truck and rig! And also give us time to get our drug tests done at Lab Corp which is required to work at

Tomorrow we will get our drivers’ licenses and do some sightseeing.

More tomorrow…..remember, you are loved!

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