Monday, September 6, 2010

Prime Rib Dinner

We had a delightful time yesterday with our End of Season prime rib dinner that we serve our camphosts.  We added Rich and Terri as they are “honorary camphosts”….they send us a lot of folks who want to stay in the wild.  And we send them folks who want to “hook up” for a couple of days after staying with us for a week or so.

Rich offered Jim the use of their large campground grill so he could put the prime rib on the rotisserie.  It sure worked out fine.

CIMG4876 It took about three hours of slow and low cooking and it was medium-rare…..perfection! Add some twice-baked potatoes (Terri), broccoli in cheese sauce (me) and homemade cherry pie(Diana) and it was a meal fit for a king and queen.

CIMG4877         The folks seemed to enjoy the meal also.

CIMG4878Today we close down the campground at 1 p.m. and lock the gates!!!!!  In a few minutes I’ll start cleaning out the fire pits and put away all the camphosting stuff in their proper totes and put in storage till next year.

Tomorrow Jim and Kelly will disconnect the large AGM batteries from the two composting toilets and take them to storage for the winter. In the afternoon Jim and I will breakdown our camp site and pack up and leave.

We plan on going to Rich and Terri’s campground for a night to relax with them before we head to Alamosa for a couple of days.  We’re sooooo pleased they will also be working for in Campbellsville, KY.

Remember, you are loved.

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