Saturday, September 11, 2010

Leaving Park Creek

Come last Wednesday we were ready to leave Park Creek when the Forest Service tree cutters came in to take down some leaning trees that were a danger. 

CIMG4905Here’s the tree that is coming down
  Paul makes the cut




Trimming up the stump with the cut tree behind them.





Then we head out as I take the photos of Jim pulling away with me driving the Jeep.

CIMG4909 CIMG4912
CIMG4913 CIMG4914


We drove to South Fork Campground where Rich and Terri are the managers.  We needed a night of relaxation and celebration for our successful summer. We made French dips out of the prime rib from Sunday and had a few (??????) Brandy Manhattans!!! I don’t remember a thing!!!!

We ended up staying two nights and served our hosts Jim’s delicious biscuits and gravy Thursday morning.

CIMG4922 CIMG4919

Notice Chorizo staying pretty close in case someone drops something!

We pulled out after breakfast and headed to Alamosa for a night or two, if Jim has his way, before heading for Rapid City, SD.

That’s what we did; how about you?

Remember, you are loved.


  1. That gravy would sure be good with some sausage from Dortches , North Carolina!!!

    Safe Travels.
    Andy and KJ

  2. Oh, I still remember those biscuits & gravy from almost 3 years ago in Quartzite! Yuuummmmmyyyyyy!!


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