Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rock Creek

I hadn’t been to Rock Creek CG in many years.  It’s one of the campgrounds we are responsible for cleaning, but it is free for the public to use. We have a very dedicated gentleman on the payroll who goes there once a week and cleans it and Comstock CG. Wally uses that time to go fishing after cleaning up.  Jim wanted to see how the renovations had improved the campground so we took a trip over.

It is certainly a beautiful drive….about 75 miles from South Fork.  You drive three miles out of Monte Vista and then it’s 19 miles up into the mountains.

CIMG4829 There’s some large rock formations on the way up


Then you come to some broad vistas across the San Luis Valley

 CIMG4834 Here’s some of the tree lined roads I like so much – this was a “Sunday Afternoon Drive” or as Jim says “A Bobbie Drive”

CIMG4845 The campground renovations came out very, very nice

CIMG4844 CIMG4838
CIMG4839 CIMG4843
CIMG4840 CIMG4841 
CIMG4837 CIMG4842

We noticed there was a sign board and fee tube installed, so they seem to be thinking of charging to camp here sometime in the future.

CIMG4835 CIMG4836

On the way out there were some pretty daisy type flowers lining the road.

CIMG4851 CIMG4849

It was a nice day spent in the country.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. You have been posting some beautiful pictures - Thanks.


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