Friday, September 24, 2010

Arriving in Campbellsville

Wednesday we finally arrived in Campbellsville!  This has been a long time coming…since our decision in Quartzsite last January.

I had a problem driving through three major cities in two days…took photos of the skylines, but now don’t know which is which.  One of these is Chicago and the others should be Indianapolis and Louisville.

CIMG5061 Louisville,KY
CIMG5066 CIMG5071

Can you help me identify which is which?
******************************************* Here are some photos as we arrived at Indian Ridge Campground, as some of our friends will be coming here during October and were interested. 

CIMG5076  CIMG5079
CIMG5077 CIMG5080
CIMG5083 Scene from our window CIMG5082
    Pretty spectacular!

The campground is very nice!!! The owners, Rocky and Connie, are very friendly and accommodating. We’re going to have a good time here on our days off. They have Corn Toss tournaments every Saturday night and various potlucks and breakfasts.  It should be fun.

Yesterday we drove around town finding the grocery stores, restaurants and other campgrounds. It is a very nice city and close to Bowling Green, Elizabethtown and Lexington.  It will afford us the opportunity to travel and explore many local areas on our days off.  We spent one night in Kentucky three years ago and wanted to come back – this was our opportunity to do so. 

We have worked for the last two years during the fall months in Coffeyville, Kansas.  This year their fulfillment center in Campbellsville, Kentucky, wanted to bring in 600 seasonal campers.  (The word “workampers” is a trademark so we can’t use that word.)  We’re glad they did so we could see this beautiful part of the country.

Our friends, Susie and Dave Smeal, put up a post on their blog, Dave and Susie’s Musings, that is pretty cute about the traveling vanilla.  Check it out!

Remember, you are loved!


  1. Thanks for the photos ! See you the first week in Novenber.

  2. KY is a cool place .Famous for horses, baseball bats and that jelly that comes in a squeeze tube.

    Have a good time in KY.
    Andy and KJ

  3. Andy, you are just too, too funny. Very clever association there.

  4. The two on the right look like Chicago, and the bottom left looks like the bridge going from Louisville into IN.

    Have FUN in KY and we hope to see you soon....


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