Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Czech Plaza

We are pretty close to Chicago here in Woodstock. When we talked about which Slavic restaurant to go to Laurie remembered a place from her childhood, The Czech Plaza, in Berwyn, a suburb of Chicago.  Come to find out, she is part Czech.  So Sunday we took off on an hour’s plus drive.

CIMG5044The place is pretty large inside with the decor that hasn’t changed much in 30 some years.

CIMG5048The menu was extensive including foods from Germany, Poland and even Chop Suey.  We all got different dishes so we could sample. 


CIMG5049Waitress in Czech dress

CIMG5046This is a liver dumpling soup..yes, I know, but it tasted great!
This was my dish-combo of fresh kielbasa, smoked pork butt, meatloaf, pork loin
Roast duck and breaded pork loin. Large dumpling sliced, you cover it with gravy
Huge stuffed cabbage with dumpling
Dessert fruit dumplings-blueberry, plum and peach

I was disappointed in the two vegetables offered – cabbage or sauerkraut – as both were sweet! Even the tomato gravy on the stuffed cabbage was sweet.  My plate was very tasty, as was the duck and breaded pork loin.  Very surprised that the dumplings were so huge, but was great covered in gravy.

So I had my Polish/Czech taste buds satisfied –  wasn’t as good as my mom made, but when is that ever accomplished?
We spent a wonderful night Saturday with a big bon fire, with Jeff the Fire Keeper.






We so appreciate Jeff and Laurie’s wonderful hospitality during our stay in their backyard.  They have been so gracious and giving….great hosts…thank you so very much!

We are off this morning heading for Campbellsville, Kentucky, and our job with amazon.com where we start working next Sunday.  We hope to get to the Elks Lodge in Jeffersonville, Illinois, but it is 368 miles and we’ll see if we make it that far.

Remember, you are loved!

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  1. Looksa like you're having a ball! Best wishes in Cambellsville. Hope your winter weather isn't as wintery as it was last year in KS. Hugs, J&C


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