Sunday, August 29, 2010

Newest South Dakotans

Last Tuesday Rich and Terri took off on a fast trip to South Dakota to become legal residents.  Last month when Rich received his Colorado renewal notice for his 2010 toy hauler he bought last year, he nearly fainted… was for $1,100…..for one vehicle!!!

When he told us about the notice we encouraged him to contact Americas-Mailbox in South Dakota and see what he would pay in South Dakota.  Ahaaaaa, instead of paying $1,100 in Colorado he would only pay $120 in South Dakota.  Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure out what Rich and Terri did ---- they sent in their paperwork to become South Dakotans.  They received their plates and then made plans to drive to South Dakota to get their drivers’ licenses….the only thing you can’t do through the mail…you mush appear in person once every five years.

So Tuesday they drove straight through from here to Rapid City, SD, in one day…some 11 hours!!!! They spent the night, which is required, produced their social security card and passport for proof of identification, took a simple eye test and walked out with their new drivers’ licenses.

CIMG4853They played tourists the rest of day by going to     Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Keystone and Custer’s  State Park…..yes, all in one day!  While at Mt. Rushmore they even bought new wedding rings, with the Black Hills Gold design.  Aren’t they pretty?  Jim and I are thinking of getting some for ourselves when we go up there in a couple of weeks.CIMG4852

So, congratulations Rich and Terri on becoming the latest South Dakotans…..we’ll be following you in that endeavor in a couple of weeks.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. It was a quick trip. We had a lot of fun, and plan to go back and spend more time. Maybe!! around the time of the Sturgis Rally!

    Havin Fun, Livin Life,
    Rich & Terri Deacon

  2. I love the picture, how did you get it that big?

  3. Susie - I have no idea how the header photo got so big...I left the settings the same and only browsed for a new photo.


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