Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Comes To Visit


Driving back to the mountains after the movie last Saturday, I  found our daughter, Beth, had arrived from Santa Fe for a couple days of camping with her traveling companion, Victor. 

We laughed so hard because I must have taken 12 photos trying to get a photo with Victor’s eyes OPENED and it never happened. 

CIMG4767   CIMG4770


Sunday Jim made Beth’s favorite meal, his famous biscuits and gravy!  You STILL can’t see Victor’s pretty eyes!




Later in the afternoon, here comes Jim’s two brothers, Ron and Don. They have a cabin nearby and came to spend the weekend.


Beth hadn’t seen her uncles in a number of years, so it was a really nice “coincident” that they came to visit us while she was here to visit.

Beth loves to camp and she and Victor really enjoyed having a camp fire that evening.CIMG4781 Life is always better when shared with family!

Remember, you are loved.

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