Monday, August 9, 2010

Jim’s Four-Wheel Trip to Ouray

He had a great time with his brothers and friends during their trip “over the mountain and through the woods” to Ouray.

It rained pretty hard on their way from Lake City as you can see by the following photos.  But the flowers were in full bloom and Jim got some great photos of the beds of flowers.

CIMG4682 CIMG4681
CIMG4683 CIMG4684
CIMG4685 CIMG4688
CIMG4686 CIMG4687
CIMG4690 CIMG4691

He had a good time and enjoyed himself …. same time next year.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Great pictures Jim. Looks like you had some heavy rushing water in some places.

  2. Great pictures of the 4wdr trip the water falls & flowers were special. miss you guys. hugs David & Kathy

  3. Yaaa rain = mud and we all know a dirty jeep is a happy jeep!

    Hope you guys had a great trip...
    Andy and Kathy Jo


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