Friday, August 13, 2010

Highway Springs Campground

This is the campground we are staying at while Park Creek Campground is being renovated. We moved here last Sunday, just one day after it reopened after being renovated.

This campground we unfondly called the “armpit campground”, as it was so unattractive. The sites weren’t defined, most of them didn’t have tables and the make shift fire pits were just a circle of rocks.  Now look at what we have.

Hwy Spgs 2010 (7)
New tables and fire pits
Hwy Spgs 2010 (6)
This one overlooks Hwy 160
Hwy Spgs 2010 (8)
Looking down on a site
Hwy Spgs 2010 (16) 
What a view this site has
Hwy Spgs 2010 (12)
Nice stands of Aspens
Hwy Spgs 2010 (21)
Here we have Ponderosa Pines
Hwy Spgs 2010 (10) Folks’ engraving Hwy Spgs 2010 (11) And declarations of love
Hwy Spgs 2010 (1) Up to top loop Hwy Spgs 2010 (13) Down to lower loop
Hwy Spgs 2010 (3)
Views from lower loop
Hwy Spgs 2010 (4)
Gorgeous scenery
Hwy Spgs 2010 (5) Hwy Spgs 2010 (15)
Hwy Spgs 2010 (18)
Lower campsite
Hwy Spgs 2010 (14)Lots of space between sites
 Hwy Spgs 2010 (20) Best view in the park  Hwy Spgs 2010 (19) Look at the view these campers have
Hwy Spgs 2010 (17)
Here’s our site
Hwy Spgs 2010 (23)
Pretty nice

We actually had one camper this week say that Highway Springs is now their favorite campground! That is saying a lot from where it was before the renovations.

We’ll only be here for a few more days as Park Creek CG will be ready next Tuesday to open it up, so then we’ll move back over there as it is a busier campground. I’ll miss my great aircard and cell phone reception here, but we need to be where the action is.

Remember, you are loved.


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