Monday, August 16, 2010

This, That and Everything

We had our camphosts over for lunch yesterday.  I made a pasta bake with sausage that came out good.  Then Pat Skroch and her husband, Bill, came over to visit.  They are thinking of “snowbirding” and came over to get some advice on rigs to buy and answer some RVing questions.  We always enjoy talking to folks about RVing and to “pass it forward” as so many folks helped us when we started out.

I finished the sleep cap for our friend Barbara Bakke who is going through a year of chemo for breast cancer.  Last week after her first chemo her hair started to come out in clumps, so she gave her traveling companion Joel a haircut and he shaved her head.  She called and asked if the cap was almost ready as her head was getting cold when she slept. It hugs around your ears and stays put while you sleep.  I made one for myself, even.  So here is what it looks like

CIMG4744 CIMG4747

I went to Alamosa last week and stopped and saw my girlfriend, Naomi, in the nursing home.  I took a photo of her that came out pretty good.  She look really good for being almost 95.  Her mind is still sharp and she reads books daily.

Naomi Jul 2010 I got a kick out of her as during our visit she gave me the latest issue of Redbook. I noticed on the cover that one of the articles was titled “28 Ways to Better Sex”.  Naomi commented,  “I’m not sure you’ll want to read this issue, though, because there’s a lot of articles about sex in it this time. But I read them all because I like to stay current on the latest stuff. But I have to admit they talked about some things I didn’t know about or understood”. 

Oh, I had to stop myself from laughing out loud…. being 95 years old I am sure there are some “new things” she didn’t know anything about!

Oh, look at the cute single person, enclosed scooter I saw on the street in Monte Vista while driving home.  Kinda cute!!!

Scooter I got up at 5:30 this morning and awoke to a beautiful sunrise.  I had Jim run outside and take some photos.









Only three more weeks till we close the campgrounds!!! Then we’ll take a day to clean up the fire pits, take down signs, store uniforms and then leave South Fork on Wednesday, Sept 7th and go to Alamosa for a couple of days.  We want to visit our daughters and grands in Santa Fe for a day or so and then head up to South Dakota then on to Kentucky.

I finished up reading the knitting mystery series book Skeins of the Crime by Maggie Sefton.  Now I have the two Sisterhood series books to read, Game Over and Cross Roads, by Fern Michaels.

What books are you all reading?

Well, the laundry is done so it is best I get going on home.  It’s really cloudy today with the prediction of 70% chance of rain…..good day to sit inside and read.

Remember, you are loved!!!


  1. Bobbie where are you headed to in SD ??


  2. hay, Colette,so happy to hear from you and Dennis. I didn't recognize the name the first time he asked about repairing the shades. We will be going to Rapid City, SD to become "residents" around Sept 12 or 13th.


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