Thursday, July 1, 2010

Listing in Hitch Itch

Our buddies Bobbie and Sal Tumolo just emailed us that both of our blogs are on the "New Listings" section of Hitch Itch! That is a website sharing the RV lifestyle, listing travel journals and resources while on the road.  It is a fun website to surf through, so check it out for yourself.

BobbieSalTumolo Apr2010 (4) Bobbie and Sal’s blog is full of wonderful photographs of scenery and wildlife.  Their blog postings of their trip to Alaska are terrific.  These two are fun, fun, fun to be around.  Bobbie was a Park Ranger and Sal an electrician before deciding to chuck their jobs and enjoy the fulltime RV lifestyle.  They work 8-10 months a year and really enjoy investigating their surroundings on their off hours.

We first met Bobbie and Sal in Quartzsite, Arizona, with our Escapees Class of 2007 gathering, for all those Escapee members who “graduated” from working to fulltime RVing in the year 2007.  Since then we have bumped into them a couple of times on the road, most recently last April when they were driving through southern Colorado on their way to their next gig and we had lunch together in Salida, Colorado.

That is the greatest part of the RVing lifestyle, you make so, so many friends and you see them throughout the years on the road, at rallies, in campgrounds and sometimes you are at the same Walmart shopping!

Ta-ta for now and remember…….you are loved!

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  1. Thanks for all the great words, Bobbie!! It is exciting to be on Hitch Itch though isn't it? Continue to have a great summer!! Miss you guys and will see you down the road!! Remember you are loved right back!


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