Sunday, July 18, 2010

Connie and Art/Outdoor HOP


We received an email from Connie telling us they “found us” while looking up southern Colorado on the Escapees discussion forum. They are members of Escapees RV Club and were at an RV park in Hooper, Colorado, and had visited Great Sand Dunes National Park and were coming up to South Fork.So last Friday Connie and Art drove into our campground, saw Jim and asked “are you the Chapman's?”


We then enjoyed a couple of hours of learning about each other and who we knew in common.  Come to find out we both know Laurie and Odel, Jan and Chuck Moore and Joyce and Bill Schmidt.  It still amazes me how often we meet one of the 60,000 active Escapee RV Club members and end up knowing so many members in common.


We met up again with Connie and Art when we all attended the happy hour at Alpine Trails RV Park when we joined the Escapees Outdoor HOP folks who were staying there.  Most of the HOP attendees were still out on the trail, but we did enjoy the folks that were there.

So, another Escapee SKP couple has come to visit us here.  We are not lacking for SKP hugs.

Remember, you are loved.

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