Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July 2010

We had a grand and busy time this 4th of July weekend. Foremost, the campground has been full since Friday, so that’s good. Then we had our camphosts over for a steak dinner to show them our appreciation for all their hard work during the 4th of July weekend.








Look at those smiling faces!!!

Then an hour after our camphosts left we hosted a wiener roast for all the campers in our campground.  They all brought side dishes like watermelon, cantaloupe, bean salad, potato salad and several types of chips.  The little guys got a kick out of cooking hot dogs over a camp fire and the seniors in the group enjoyed teaching them how to do it.

CIMG4590 CIMG4591
CIMG4593 CIMG4594

The folks stayed for three hours introducing themselves, getting acquainted and sharing tales of their travels.

CIMG4595 It was a good but exhausting day.  If we have to come back to Park Creek next year we will definitely do this again as everyone said how much fun it was to meet the other campers.

Remember, you are loved

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