Friday, July 2, 2010

SKP Campers

We were happily surprised to see a motorhome drive into the campground with Escapees and Boomer decals in the back.

BobRhinehartMichelle Lee We walked down to introduce ourselves and met Bob Rhinehart and Michelle Lee.  Bob has been a fulltimer for nine years and Michelle for 15 years.



This is their campsite, isn’t it pretty?



We’ve had a couple of happy hours together and really enjoy their company.  Yesterday we had them over for Seafood Poppers and brandy Manhattans, that I learned Michelle likes also …. she prefers E.J. VSOP brandy like I do also…it was nice of Bob to buy some for us to enjoy.  He and Jim prefer Canadian whiskey.

Here’s the poppers and Michelle’s face after taking her first bite.

CIMG4558  CIMG4560

CIMG4559                 Ya think she liked them?

We spent a nice evening out in the sun with good food, good drinks and good friends.  Boy, I love this lifestyle!!!

Remember, you are loved! 


  1. Love your blog! And the Poppers sound delicious!
    Happy 4th to you!
    Waco, Texas

  2. Love your blog! Congratulations


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