Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Meadows Campground

Just found out Big Meadows will not be opened next year....UGH!!!! Suppose to be opened summer of 2012....haven't heard the reason for the delay yet. So we'll be back here in Park Creek next year. We are enjoying the slower pace of a small campground so we don't really mind having to come back here again next year.

So for all our repeat campers in Big Meadows who read our blog daily….sorry about that….please come to one of our other campgrounds.  We CAN manage any size rig.  There was a 45 foot Class A in Highway Springs the other night; saw a converted bus in Lower Beaver and we have three pull-throughs in Park Creek that can accommodate 45 footers.  So come on down and experience a new camping experience. 

In fact, two of our repeat campers from Oklahoma City told us the other night that even if Big Meadows IS opened next year they are seriously thinking of coming back to Park Creek, as it is right on the creek  and the sites are very large and beautiful.


Right now I’m in Del Norte getting an oil change on the Jeep at Jim’s cousin’s shop, Ken’s Tire and Auto Service.  Jim will be going on the Chapman Annual 4-Wheel Trip to Ouray, Colorado, the end of the month.  I wanted to make sure the Jeep was in tip-top shape for him…..especially the brakes!!!  Jim and his brothers go on some hairy passes….I don’t go as it is waaaaaaay to scary for me and not the least bit fun for me.  So he will go enjoy himself with his brothers, and I’ll get my girlfriend Salai to come up and help me clean the 12 bathrooms Jim normally does daily.  Salai and I are knitting nuts, so we enjoy having a couple of days together watching “chick flicks” and knitting together.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Hello. That's too bad about Big Meadows, I've camped there in the past and love the place. Could you tell me if the Harmons (Mountainborn) are OK? I follow their blog and haven't seen any new activity for a while. I linked to your blog while viewing theirs. I really like the toilet paper story. Thanks, Brian.

  2. Brian-I just talked with Larry and he assures me he and Betty are doing fine...just real busy. They are still working on getting their new rig fitted out with inverters and covers on their roof vents. Their campground is being renovated right now also. So that's the story.

  3. Thanks, glad to hear that they're doing well.


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