Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lobo Lookout

What follows are photographs of Lobo Lookout, which is about 11,700 feet high.  It is a peak on top of Wolf Creek Pass between Pagosa Springs and South Fork in Colorado.

It has an old restroom about 8 x 4’ which we get to clean once a week.  It’s about a 20 mile drive from our campground.  The other day we went up there to clean and I took advantage of the perfectly crystal-clear skies to take some photos.  You could really see “forever”.

Sign at entrance
The road going up
CIMG4598Yup, what a sight! CIMG4600 Looking down on Wolf Creek Ski Lodge
CIMG4601 CIMG4602
CIMG4604 CIMG4605
CIMG4606 CIMG4607
CIMG4608 CIMG4611
 CIMG4612 CIMG4609

This Continental Divide Trail goes from Mexico to Canada, and is a favorite trail for serious hikers. 

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Great pictures Bobbie, somehow we missed Lobo Lookout this past summer. Maybe next summer we will get to experience Lobo Lookout. Hugs

  2. Great pictures. Makes me want to come out and stay with you. Next year for sure. Can't wait to see you two again.
    love ya both
    Jim and lInda

  3. Where the heck are the guardrails ? LOL ...Would love to come out and see that someday...Miss you guys !


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