Sunday, July 4, 2010

Church group from Mobile, Alabama

Rich and Terri Deacon recommended a church group from Mobile, Alabama, call us about where to acclimate themselves to high altitude, in preparation for a five day hike across the Continental Divide.  It was fun trying to find a place to put 11 men/boys with 6 tents over the 4th of July holiday….most of our campgrounds are full for the weekend.  But we did find them two unoccupied sites in Tucker Ponds, our highest campground at 9,600 feet.

They will stay at the campground for two days then Monday take the trail from the top of Lobo Overlook at 10,822 feet.  We’ll store their van at our campground at Park Creek and then leave it for them to pick up Friday on a predetermined trail.

We told them about our plans to be in Summerdale, Alabama, over the Christmas holiday, which is only about 25 miles from Mobile.  So we have made plans to see them then and maybe have dinner together.

This is the group as they arrived in the area yesterday.

CIMG4570 Now this next portion of this blog post is for this group’s families to see that they arrived safely and to show some photos of the area they are in.  These are photos along Highway 160 west from South Fork towards Tucker Ponds and down the 2.5 mile road to the campground.

Drive up Hwy 160 west
On to turn off to CG
Drive to campground
Nice scenery on the way
Beautiful aspen trees
Sunlight thru the trees
Great landscape
Arriving at campground
Parked at campsite
Looking over the site
“We can put tents here”
Talking with camphost
View from campground
One of the two ponds

Thanks for letting me take the time to show the families the area their loved ones will be staying.  Don’t worry about them, Folks, we’ll take good care of them while they are with us.

OK, so today is the 4th of July.  We got to put out the “campground full” sign yesterday and we are still full, so no one coming in today. It’s also the Sunday we have a potluck with our camphosts.  Being a holiday and being that we had a very successful week at our campgrounds, Jim and I are feeding our hosts rib-eye steaks.  Should be fun!

Then tonight we are hosting a wiener roast at our campsite for everyone in the campground. It’s just a way for everyone to get together and share our country’s birthday.  There will still be time for folks to go to Creede to see the fireworks - South Fork did their fireworks last night.

Well, that is what we are doing for the holiday, what are you going to do?

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Hey Guys
    We'll be hosting at Reed Bingham SP in southern Ga for Dec. If you get over that way give us a holler. Tom & Paula


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