Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Escapee “SKP” camper


We had another Escapee RV Club member come into our campground to camp.  This is Kern and Anne Stafford from Ashville, North Carolina.  They sell healing magnetic jewelry at arts and crafts shows, and there’s one in Pagosa Springs next weekend.


Here are some of the jewelry pieces Anne makes herself. On the left is an anklet I got for one of our daughters who suffers from a lot of sprained ankles; to the right is a bracelet for the other daughter who gets carpal tunnel; and the middle double stranded bracelet is for me and my arthritis.  Yes, I have found much relief wearing this bracelet. 



Here is also a necklace I bought for my girlfriend, Salai, for her birthday this week. It’s done in purple and pink stones, with a pink bear pendant.




Anne was full of questions once she heard we were fulltimers.  Kern is all for become fulltime RVers, but Anne had concerns about leaving friends and family and how you met people on the road.  So we had a long “happy hour” one night and hopefully alleviated some of her worries.  Kern made a lot of notes in a spiral notebook, including becoming “Boomers”, a sub-group of the Escapees RV Club, that we belong to and that has become a big part of our social networking on the road.

I’m going to go to the craft show this weekend with a couple of ladies from the campground.  Should be a lot of fun!!

Remember, you are loved.

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