Monday, June 28, 2010

Food, food and more food!

All we seem to be doing lately is cooking and eating, and eating and eating.  With our three couples from Oklahoma City area here with us, there seems to be a group dinner every few days.  These guys have been going to Big Meadows Campground for some 20 odd years, so with it being closed this year they came here to Park Creek to be with us.  We’ve had these dinners with them for the four years we’ve camphosted up here.

Here’s Don and Barbara


Frank and JoAnn


Martha and Dennis


Charlie, Dawna and Kiel


Here we are waiting for grilled chicken to finish up so we gathered around a camp fire and enjoyed each other’s company. 









Then last Friday we had another fish fry.  Those men go out and fish most every day and catch their limit of four trout each….that’s 16 fish a day, so it adds up and by the end of the week we have to have a fish fry to eat it all up as the freezers get too full to hold any more.  Our friends always filet their fish while Jim and I like them de-scaled and grilled whole.  You can pull the bones right out after they are cooked.  But when in Rome…….so we eat them deep-fried with fried potatoes and hush puppies.

Then last Saturday Jim barbequed five racks of ribs to feed the group. We do this every year as everyone likes Jim’s ribs, so they all pitch in $5 a piece and we have a feast.  The day started off fine so we all sat outside, but by the time the ribs were done the rain began to fall so we all dashed inside our rig to eat.  I’m sure glad for our new rig as it accommodated all nine of us fine….everyone had a seat to sit on and eat.

CIMG4524 CIMG4525
CIMG4527  CIMG4530
 CIMG4532 CIMG4533

This year the fifth rack didn’t get eaten so we invited everyone over for lunch yesterday to finish them off.  Of course, it rained and we had to eat inside again.

We have one more traditional meal we usually eat together and that is Dawna's and Charlie’s tostada dinner.  We’ll do that sometime next week before they leave.

Oh, I found the most wonderful barbeque sauce online at   It’s call Bubba’s Best BBQ Sauce. It was sweet and hot and plain old delicious.  It makes 5 cups but it should keep in the fridge for a week or so.  I simmered it for about 3 hours but you can use it after 30 minutes.  We used it on the ribs and everybody asked for the recipe….it sure was good!!!  We usually use Sweet Baby Ray’s, but this is just as good and cheaper, so I’ll not be buying barbeque sauce again.

Well, today I am doing laundry and faxing in our weekly reports, so I best go and get to work.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. My josh did you all get enough to eat? Sure looks good.

  2. You're making me hungry! Sounds like good food and good company. Enjoy!


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