Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Gad zooks, it has been hot up here in the mountains.  You’d think at 8,500 feet it would always be cool, and it usually is, but yesterday the temperature rose to 90 degrees!!!  That is unheard of up this high. 

Our friends, Dave and Marie Dengate, came to camp with us on their days off as volunteer camphosts at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  They get pestered too much if they try to stay at their campground on their days off.  So we invited the Deacons to come over so we can all have a steak dinner tonight.

In the meantime, I was cooking my Tamale Pie for the camphost meeting and had the oven going at 375 degrees, for crying out loud!  I made a double batch but it all got eaten up so it must of been OK.

After the camphosts left at 4:00 I began to fix Creamy, Cheese Potatoes because we invited the Dengates and the Deacons over for the steak dinner. Of course, we had to have happy hour first…..

Dengate Visit (2) Then after steaks we made a campfire

Dengate Visit (1) Dengate Visit (7)

Then we had ice cream

Dengate Visit (4) Dengate Visit (5)

Nick Russell had a very interesting blog post today on how you can afford the fulltime RV lifestyle.  Any “wannabees” out there would benefit from reading this post.


Remember, you are loved.

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