Sunday, November 15, 2009

Work is Hard But Express Pro Great!

I've been following a blog of a lady who is working for in Fernley, Nevada, and her experience has not been as good as we have had it here in Coffeyville.

There they are really being hounded to make your numbers, reach your quota; plus their temp agency isn't very nice to them. There they are hired as individuals by a completely different temp agency. Here in Coffeyville we are hired as workampers and Mark and Kym Kays of Express Employment Professionals (Express Pro) are wonderful to us. We are treated with respect, consideration, encouraged and cared for. That is the reason we chose to come back here and not go to Fernley. Mark is managing the workamper requirements for Campbellsville, Kentucky this year so that is another option for next year. Mark hires "coaches" who work all the shifts and they come by and check in with you every shift to make sure you are ok and don't have any issues that need to be addresses. The coaches are our liason with and work as our go-betweens.

I can't say enough good things, or pay too many compliments to Express Pro and how Mark and Kym are running the operation here in Coffeyville. We are treated like favorite family members with respect and caring.

We have had a lot of folks leave, especially this last week. The hard, physical labor is getting to them, I guess. It does take a good three weeks of work to get conditioned, so this is our fourth week, so we should be hitting our stride this week.

I've stayed in bed for the whole three days of our time off this week! I haven't done laundry or gone grocery shopping and Jim has cooked all the meals. I've slept as much as possible to try and get rid of this cold. My rib cage is so sore from hacking so much. Nothing has helped suppress the coughing!!!

Well, Jim just brought back some fried chicken for dinner, so best eat and get ready to go to work.

Remember, you are loved!

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