Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to Overtime

So we have two days of 10 hour shifts and then come Tuesday we are back to 11 hour shifts and back to 5 shifts a week. We'll do the 44 hours a week, but physically can't do the 55 hours. Guess we'll just call in Thursday.

Last night there were only two people on the Receiving line and the rest of us were Stowing all night. It wasn't too bad, but it sure was nice getting off at 4 am instead of 5 more hour sleep. I actually got 9 hours sleep and didn't get out of bed till 2 pm and now we have to go back to work at 5 pm; love the luxurious 3 hours in between sleeping and working ha-ha.

Luckily Jim made a pot of chili for dinner and we have leftover meatloaf from last night to have for lunch tonight at work. Shopping and cooking takes up so much of our "free" time, but it is cheaper than going out for dinner all the time like we did last year.

Well, need to get ready for work. Know that you are loved, dear friends!

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