Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Gotta Cold!!!

Jim generously gave me his mild cold and it manifested in me as an ugly, monster of a cold! All I do is cough and cough and cough - constantly. So I took off Tuesday from work. I lost my voice and barely could make myself heard when I called in on the sick line.

I did go back to work last night and just kept sucking on a cough drop all night. I even went and bought some on Godly expensive cough suppressant ($10 for 3 oz.) and it didn't help a bit. Took it again when I got home and promptly threw it up.

My back has been bugging me when I remembered a librarian friend of mine use to do back exercises every night. So before I went to work I laid on the floor and did some back stretches. Well, it worked!!! My back didn't hurt all night. You better believe I will be doing back stretches every night from now on.

Well, yesterday was our last day for the week - we call Wednesday's our "virtual Friday". And a little tradition we have is to go to Daylight Donuts when we get off work on "Fridays" and get a treat. Luckily Daylight Donuts opens at 4 am and there are a lot of workers who gather there after work most "nights" after work.

Weather has been very nice the last two weeks maintaining 70-80s with nights 40-50s so I think we will barbeque tonight for a change. Want to come over and join us?

Remember, you are loved!


  1. I will pass, don't want to catch your cold! LOL Best cough drop I found was Hall's Honey Lemon with menthol in it.

  2. A hot toddie worked for me! In fact, have one for me! :)


  3. Sorry to hear you are sick...knock that stuff right of ya !!! Miss you guys !!


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