Friday, November 20, 2009

Finished Our First 55 Hour Week

Yes, Jim completed the mandatory 55 hour week; since I took off sick Monday I completed 44 hours. The time and a half for an eleven hour shift brings in about $182 and if we both do that it is $364 which enough for a whole month stay at a campground with FHUs. That is very attractive incentive, BUT I don't think we'll worry about paying for TWO months rent, because it is just too darn hard. Both Jim and I would be good for an extra six hours on the fifth day, but no more 55 hours.

We processed over 60,000 items tonight in receiving. That is pretty good. The warehouse is bulging at the seams and very ready for all the orders that will come in day after Thanksgiving.

We probably not have to work for Thanksgiving so we are thinking of roasting a turkey so we can enjoy our own traditions and food; but we are also thinking of going to one of the nearby casinos and do one of their buffets. We'll see what happens.

Well, it's laundry and grocery shopping for us tomorrow and maybe a drive to Tulsa or somewhere on Saturday just to break up our week.

You are loved!

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