Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jim

Yes, my favorite man in the whole world turned 60 today!!! This morning at midnight while we were working, he and I stopped a sang "happy birthday" to him. After work we went to Shirley's Cafe for birthday breakfast. It wasn't much but it was our little celebration; we had to get to sleep because we only had 10 hours before we had to go back to work again. It is a continuous cycle of work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat. That's all we do day after day. But we only have 4 more weeks to go - 16 more working days - that makes it easier to invision.

We are scheduled to work a fifth night of eleven hours this week!!!! Sorry, folks, but I don't have another eleven hours to give you!! I'm giving them 44 hours this week but 55 hours just is not in my body to give.

Oh, our grandson's (Maxx) girl friend (April) went into labor this morning, so maybe, maybe we'll have our great-granddaught born on Jim's birthday. It not tomorrow is our granddaughter-in-law's birthday - our grandson, Kenneth's wife.

We are going to join another 20 people for Thanksgiving dinner at Lannings Grill, a local restaurant in town where they are having a buffet for the holiday. That should be fun eating with others - like having our own little "family" together. I'll try to take some photos as it has been forever since I've posted any photos.

Weather has been pretty awesome this year. Days have been in the high 60s and nights mid 40s. At least it has been warm enough for the denture adhesive to flow. Last year it was so cold I had to put our Fixadent on the furnace register to warm it up enough to be able to squeeze it onto our dentures!!!

Well, I have 45 minutes before we leave for work so I need to get some more caffeine in me to try to get some energy working. So y'all go online and buy a bunch of holiday gifts from cause we have a lot of merchandise ready to be shipped out to you and there are a lot of daily deals with great savings!!! This commercial has been brought to you by

Remember you are loved.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Jim!!!!! And Happy Turkey Day to both of you as well! Hope all is well with you and yours!
    Bobbie & Sal

  2. Happy Birthday from Andy & Kathy Jo

  3. A Big Happy Birthday, Jim!!! 60! What a great and Chuck can be '60's buddies' for this 1/2 of the year. Happy TG to both of you, too! BTW, Marty arrived here today and is joining right in with the Mittry doings. Hugs, C&J


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