Monday, November 9, 2009

First Eleven Hour Night

Oh, MG do I feel my age this morning or afternoon rather. That first shift of 11 hours of work was a killer. They sure didn't much out of us that last hour, that's for sure! The lower back is aching and the hands are throbbing this morning. This is only week three with six more weeks after this....I don't know's really hard on the body. Plus Jim gave me his cold and they are smoothing out the new cement road in front of the rv! Jim went to buy another pair of shoes as it really makes a difference if you switch off each day.

We're having homemade chicken soup for dinner tonight and the leftover meatloaf from yesterday for lunch tonight. Both came out really good.

Thanks for letting me gripe to you. Remember, you are loved.


  1. Hey Bobbie,
    When we asked the "regulars" at Amazon how they survive being on their feet so much, they said the trick was to alternate between a couple pairs of shoes. One night wear pair #1 then next night wear something different, then back to 1. Really made a difference for us !! The other thing...I swear by those Dr. Scholls adjustable arch inserts that I found at the Walmart in Independence. For the $10 they cost, they were a lifesaver !! Only wished I'd found this magic formula about 6 weeks earlier than I did...LOL...hang in there !!

  2. Hang in there you two. You can do it. Epson salts for your feet and hands. Sorry to hear about your cold.

  3. I admire your tenacity to persue your goals and find ways to pay for them even though the bodies might be in a form of contradiction.

    I also admire Amazon for offering good paying jobs to folks like us, who are in some sort of retirement phase.

    There sure aren't any firms like that in our neighborhood who hire us retired folks who can really make a contribution in a short period of time.


  4. We use "MBT" shoes, go on the web site Orville got some anmd they lasted him two years, using them every other day. They make you feel better.


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