Monday, August 25, 2014

Fun Weekend

Friday morning Heinz arrived and set up.  Angela came up after school and we all went out to dinner back down to Three Barrel Brewery in Del Norte. 

This is their one small wood oven
I like their logo
Beer pulls with all their ornate painted toppers
The Berganns “Bernie the Axel” pizza
My veggie calzone
Jim’s pepperoni pizza


When we returned to the campground we built a nice toasty campfire.



Saturday we drove over  Wolf Creek Pass to Pagosa Springs.  In the 33 years I’ve been in this area I’ve never walked the downtown area.  We just drive through or stop for lunch but never looked at any of the stores.  So that is what we did Saturday.  There are quite a few antique stores, not many tourist type places and a couple of nice clothing stores, like Goodman’s that has been there since 1900 and is still run by the same family today. 

We circled back around and walked the river front stopping for a picturesque shot.

DSCN4124 DSCN4125

Here’s a shot of the Animas River going through town with The Springs Hotel at the end with hot spring pools along the side.  Very pretty.




We walked to Tequila’s Restaurant and had lunch.  Look at the pretty booths they have.



Later in the day (after naps) Jim grilled trout Landi and Richard had given us before they left for Texas and a couple of steaks for the guys.

DSCN4129 DSCN4130 DSCN4131



The Berganns left Sunday morning shortly after Salai arrived to spend the day with me.  She hadn’t made it out to the mountains all summer and this was her last chance; so glad that she did.  Look at the beautiful finger-tip clothes she wove on her loom.  Stunning…

I sent Jim off to fish so Salai and I could spend time going through my “stash” of yarn and sort out what to keep and what to give away to the charity knitters in Alamosa.  We sorted all the yarn into projects, selecting appropriate patterns for each and put them in plastic project bags and stored them under the bed.  Now all the yarn I have has a purpose and I can work on one after the other.  Yes, my goal is to use up all the yarn I have before buying any more…..we’ll see how that works out….no guarantees…..

Salai and I went for a late lunch/early dinner back to Three Barrel Brewery since she hadn’t been there before.  No pictures this time.

I’ll leave you with one final photo that I thought came out really well.  I have a flexible tripod that you can even wrap around a pole or in this case around a branch in the tree and Jim set the timer and got this photo. Came out pretty good I thought.


Remember, you are loved.


  1. There are two great shores on the other end of the block from Goodman's. They are NEXT DOOR and HOME AGAIN. In Pagosa Springs.

  2. Beautiful!! Looks like some wonderful times, with Great Friends,,,,,they are the best!! Carolyn Trout


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