Friday, August 1, 2014

Arts at the Library

The Alamosa Library has a summer reading program as many libraries do.  On Wednesdays they have different enrichment programs like a band, animals, poets, etc. Last Wednesday a local fiber group, Fiber Floozies, brought fiber art projects for the kids to do.

2014-07-30 10.09.08
Here they are hand felting wool
2014-07-30 10.09.18
Some finished felted products
2014-07-30 10.10.20
Learning how to knit

2014-07-30 10.11.32
Salai brought her angora rabbit
2014-07-30 10.10.46
Having kids touch the warm bald spot.  I didn’t know angoras are bred to have their hair pulled or combed out
2014-07-30 10.25.54Here she is pulling out the angora hair to make the rabbit cooler.
2014-07-30 10.12.03

Showing the kids how a spinning wheel works.
2014-07-30 10.12.31

Here Wanda lets someone feed the fiber to make yarn

The interactive stations were a big hit with the kids and parents.  So many of these artistic skills are unknown to the children of today, so it is nice for them to be exposed to them here.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Ohhhhh, I want to be there spinning and weaving. Not sure about making a rabbit bald (ouch !) but makes me want to get busy with my loom. Thanks for sharing ! Hugs to you both....

  2. Nice post and you are so right as passing the skills to new generation keeps the craft alive!


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