Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fun-filled Day

I had a great day yesterday with lots of activities producing a soul-satisfying feeling.

First up was meeting Salai at The Roast, a new coffee shop in Alamosa.  It is located behind the San Luis Valley Brewery (same owners).  The Roast is so named as they are roasting their own coffee beans which they sell locally. 




It has a very nice exterior with seating outside



Inside it has a very “up town” look…you’d think you were in Denver or LA.

Roaster in the back with bags of beans
Ordering counter
Food counter
Main part of the restaurant

The Roast has become very popular and for good reason.  They have nice breakfast and lunch selections and the coffee is very good.

I met Salai there and we exchanged info on our latest knitting projects.  Here is the Wingspan Shawl pattern she is working on.  The love the colors in this hand-dyed yarn by a local artisan.  The colors change every two feet so there is a lot of movement in the piece and is so pleasing to the eye.

DSCN4078 DSCN4080

After talking for an hour or so we went over to the local farmer’s market to get veggies.  They have such a great selection of organic produce from thisDSCN4084 area. 



I especially like the White Mountain Farms from Mosca, just a few miles up the road from Alamosa. Look at all the varieties of beans they had!



Then there was all the other veggies they provided.  The prices are good too, especially being all organic.  I paid $2.50 for three large yellow beets and $1 for a bunch of red lettuce.

DSCN4082 DSCN4081
DSCN4083 DSCN4085
Another booth had herbs and plants for sale

Next I went for a ride with Jim and Poncho in Jim’s 1964 El Camino that he took out and washed.  He has entered it in the Early Iron Festival taking place on Labor Day weekend here in Alamosa.  Jim wanted to ride it around since it has been in storage for a while.

DSCN4088 DSCN4086

Take a look at that face….he’s happy!!!


We drove around town getting a lot of “thumbs up” and ended up at Heinz and Angela’s house as they had never seen this truck before.  We invited them over for happy hour where we sat out behind the RV in the shade to take advantage of the cool afternoon breeze.  We were so happy for Jim’s brother, Ron, to join us and contribute to the conversations.  It was a good time all together!


That was my day…fun and friend-filled.  Very enjoyable!

Remember, you are loved.

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