Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ribs for Nathaniel

Jim and I just love our friends’ son, Nathaniel.  He is such a “nice young man” as us older folk would say.  He is polite and respectful besides being a ranked tennis player, accomplished pianist and he is smart with a brilliant mind….he’s the total package….oh, and did I mention he is cute as the dickens. 

Well, Nathaniel just loves the way Jim fixes barbecue ribs…I mean he just loves them.  And he can almost eat his weight in the things.  He pretty much can eat 3/4 to a whole rack of ribs himself.

So when we planned on having them over for ribs yesterday, but then we had to scour around to FIND them.  So Tuesday after having lunch with Lesa and Terry we set out.  We already knew the local grocer didn’t have any, so we drove to Del Norte and tried Jack’s Grocery….NO.  On to Monte Vista and we stopped at Summit Grocery….again NO.  OK we have one last stop in town and if not, we are going to go all the way to Alamosa (54 miles from South Fork) if we have to!!!  I was determined!  Alas, Safeway in Monte Vista had pork loin ribs (meaty baby back ribs).

Jim did a bang up job cooking the ribs, as always.  They were moist and tender with a good bite to them.

DSCN4110 DSCN4112

Landi brought over some fresh green beans, salad, potato casserole, peaches and ice cream.  What a feast!


I tried to take a picture using my timer, but didn’t get my head in far enough, so you see more of the “girls” than me, but ya’ll know what I look like, right?


So I just took a photo of the others….better.


Sitting under the sun really got to me and I had to excuse myself and go lay down…..otherwise it was a wonderful lunch together. We look forward to seeing them again before they leave.

Remember, you are loved.

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