Friday, August 22, 2014

Almost Messed-Up

It had been eight days since we last dumped, so yesterday we buttoned up the rig to prepare to drive down to Rich and Terri’s campground and dump.

I have a mental six point checklist I go through inside to make the RV ready to move.

  1. Close the bedroom closet and put the pin in the track so the doors don’t slide open.
  2. Make sure the batwing is in the down and closed position.
  3. Lock down the sliding door between the bedroom and the living area.
  4. Put bungee cords around the cabinet knobs and pull up the railings in the refrigerator so things don’t spill out.
  5. Put the pin in front of the moveable pantry track.
  6. Tie down the TV.

Well I got through step four and then got interrupted or something and I never completed steps five and six.

I pulled in the slides, we hitched up and off we went to dump.  It’s an eight mile drive to the South Fork Campground and eight miles back.  The road into Highway Springs Campground, where we are staying, has been eroded a lot by the summer rains and it is bumpy and steep.

Imagine my surprise when I went inside to open the slides and I see the pantry door open and the rack full of food completely extended out into the living area Surprised smile .  I immediately knew what I had done.  My mouth flew open and I looked up at the TV and….and….and there it stood proud and sure…completely safe sitting upright.  Nothing had happened to it.  Can I hear “minor miracle”? 

Yes, I fessed up to Jim and being the darling that he is, he just smiled and said “I’ll be darn”.  All’s well that ends well.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. It is those short little quick moves where we find our Boo Boo's too !

  2. OMGosh, Bobbie! Minor miracle indeed!!

  3. So glad nothing happened and no broken jam jars on the carpet! Hope all is well with you and Jim...Miss you two!

  4. We always make sure the tops of the slides are free of water when we have lots of rain and forgot to do that once with an inside flood resulting when we put the slide in-yikes! Jim is a sweetheart and you are organized so I know this is a rarity!! Your eyes must be doing well! Ann

  5. awww. . .that gettin' interrupted is just never a good thing. . .I've basically learned to start over!

    Glad all is well. . .

  6. Luckily, we haven't had serious spills but Luke has had a beach to well on top of the driver's side slide to capture topper rain. Put out the slide and the towel got jammed. Another potentially deadly error was not locking one of the tow bar arms to the toad, pulled out of Jojoba Hills and Luke could see the CR-V swing out from behind us into the oncoming traffic lane. Thankfully, no traffic. Took almost a mile to pull off the road. Scary!!! ;-(

    1. Sometimes, those little whoops are necessary to reinstate healthy fear...sure sharpens the dendrites!

  7. Glad you didn't have a mess or disaster. We got interrupted and dropped the trailer on the truck. That won't happen again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. So glad your TV stayed upright! Food on the floor is one thing.



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